VU+ ZERO 4K media player

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    • Seems to be a limitation in the used Broadcomchip - not supported / no solution at this time .
      KAPIERVORGANG beendet.

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    • Why? Did they promise to play those files? No they didn't...
      The Vu+ is not a media accident it can play some media files and can be used for that, but if due to another chip which doesn't support particular formats it doesn't work, you can't blame them.

      I can only suggest to convert your files to a format which your zero 4k likes, or to buy a real media player which supports your files by specification.
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    • Zero4k is not sold (and not announced) with included pvr functionality!
      KAPIERVORGANG beendet.

      Zubehör : Philips 46PFL-9705 / 37PFL-9604, Samsung HT-E6759W, Samsung SPF 107H-105P-87H, Qnap TS-253A, Harmony 650, Fritzbox 7490, Cisco WAP4410N, Netgear M4100-D12G, TPLink HS100/HS110/LB110
    • In fact, it's a STB designed for TV reception. Any extra working functions are just luck. On the other hand this box does have some issues with it's DVB-S2X tuner and DO need to be resolved by VU+ quite urgently or the sale of this box will fail.
    • All other VU+ receivers can play avi files! Every buyer thinks that it,s the norm! I have 18$ Android box and 20$ Freesat v7 receiver playing all avi, mkv , mp4 files. Why ZERO 4k can,t it!?
    • And where can we read it before buying? It must be write in bold in and every shop site! Seems they understood it only after I have begun this question.
    • ... and they should also write in bold that the VU can‘t make coffee, isn’t waterproof by design and will fail with EPUB ebooks. Anything I forgot? :happy2:
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    • Egal ob versprochen oder nicht. Eine Box heutzutage, die keine AVI abspielt, geht mal gar nicht.
      Da wird bestimmt noch ein Update für kommen.
    • Dann kann auch kein Update kommen, stimmt.
      Sowas hätte ich nicht erwartet.
    • hmmmdada wrote:

      IHMO it does not matter at all what you think it should play - it is not part of the product specs and it also not advertised with AVI playback

      Clemens wrote:

      Why? Did they promise to play those files? No they didn't...
      Did the VU+ team read the manual of their products!? There is an old problem with MTS TV 75E channels with SR 45000 .When will it be fixed ? Never!? Maybe the next box will not be able to show SAT TV at all? Why there are no answers to any bug reports!?
    • tantalos wrote:

      "supported formats are mainly... " does not mean it's a must!
      Sorry to say that, but that exactly says it's a must!
      1. AVI and MKV for newer Videos respective DIVX, XVID, x264 and for newer Boxes x265 should work. Because
      a) the Boxes before the Zero 4K can play them, so when you buy another VU+ you demand it.
      b) without these Containers/Codecs I could also buy a non Linux Box. That is one point I buy VU+ Boxes
      2. That the Zero 4K can't play WMV Files isn't that bad, because the other boxes have problems with some WMV's too, and they even couldn't play it at all before they switched to G-Streamer, if I'm remembering properly. Also I think WMV is a shitty format, but that's another topic.
      3. When marcusw is telling me that Broadcom cancelled the AVI-Support, I'm believing him and I'm accepting that there is at this time no solution for it.
      Maybe there is the possibility to decode it in Software some day, I don't know and that's beyond my expertise.
      You shouldn't forget that the VU+ Zero 4K costs about 130-140 €. And for this price the features and the quality are top.
      Please remember that cost reduction can only be made with less features and/or quality. Also, the Zero 4K is a perfect 2nd or 3rd box for the bedroom or childrens room. Maybe it is a good 1st box for some people, too; even it isn't for the most uf us including me.
      4. I have respect for the support here in this board, additionally that they do it in their free time! I don't know if someone even works for Marusys or have closer contact to them, that's even better. But
      5. It's a no-go to say things like "it was never advertised", "show me where it's written that it could do this or that" or sarcasm like "well, it can't make coffee..."
      That's neither reliable nor professional. And also not nice for someone who paid for a VU+. Look at the prices of the new Dreamboxes, that says that VU+ is making pressure to DMM. It's true, that there are other producers and image-crews, but VU+ does have a good reputation and it would be a shame, if they would lose their reliability and reputation. There is another italian Linux box producer which have its origins in cams, who have lost their reliability (at least in my eyes) for always making promises they never observe...

      So please:
      1. Observe what you have promised and/or advertised.
      2. No VU+ have to make everything, that's the point why there are different models.
      3. a) To the customers: Please be patient and wait for additional features and bugfixes, when you were informed about the facts
      b) To VU+/Board leaders: Please communicate what's going on and at what you are working on.
      Talk to the customors like you should talk to your kids: honestly and like you would talk with grown ups, and don't talk to them like kids.
      4. Thank you for your work VU+, board leaders and members.
      5. Stay reliable and professional.

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    • I bought the box to receive UHD channels. I would rather see that the tuner driver is updated so zapping between SD/HD/UHD does not crash the tuning. I don't use it to play all sorts of media. Just the recorded movieson my DM8000 and/or NAS which works fine...
    • Never mind. Returned the VU+Zero 4K. Simply too unstable as a simple Zapper. You can't even 'zap' as the tuner fails (signal 0°, quality 0°). With the current firmware this box isn't worth buying..
    • hallo Leute, spielt die Kiste jetzt überhaupt gar keine AVI file mehr und wenn ja kann man da Softwareseitig was machen weil AVI ist schon weit verbreiteter Codec das die sowas einfach rausholen finde ich schon unakzeptabel !