How to Create Symlink between 2 VU+

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    • How to Create Symlink between 2 VU+


      I have 2 VU+.

      I would like to create a symlink to read movie from my vu Ultimo from the other vuduo movie folder

      I have do in ssh terminal on VuUltimo cd to folder /media/hdd/movie ; type this command: ln -s // mysymblink

      But I don't see on my vu ultimo the symblink. but well on ssh terminal

      What the error ?

      Tnx for help

    • You can't simply create a symbolic link between different Linux systems.

      You must mount the exported filesystem from the server box on the client box.
      Look for network filesystems, auto mount etc.

      This all can be done using the VTI Panel menus. You don't need to do it on the command line.

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    • You can create symlink locally - so if you have mounted on VuUltimo hdd from VuDuo - you can see 2 hdd in different directories:

      To switch watching from one HDD to another you can use 2 options:
      - click blue button "All movies" (if you record movies from VuUltimo to both local hdd and Duo remote hdd) in movie player
      - create symblink:
      # ln -s /media/net/duo /media/hdd/DuoAllMovies

      this way on your local ultimo hdd you will see "virtual" directory DuoAllMovies with content from remote hdd. Link will have icon with "arrow" in movie player
      If remote hdd was not mounted during ultimo start - directory will be empty

      The same you can do in Duo with ssh.
      Ln does not work with network path like //