Vu Duo Motorised Setup Non USALS help

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    • Vu Duo Motorised Setup Non USALS help


      Total newbie to Linux. Please be gentle I had a Tecnomate TM7100 set up on a motorised dish for over 20 years. My Technomate has now died I have now got a VU plus Duo (not the 4K se). I have spent all day trying to set it up, and getting nowhere fast. I have scoured the internet and can manage to out the satellite positions in, eg 19deg E, LNB 1, stored position 1 etc. but when I press ok, it goes back to the menu. There isn’t an option to move the dish east or west etc? The instructions on the internet say to go to “sat positioner” in the service searching menu, but there is no such option. I have set the first part, to advanced, DISEqC 1.2, USALS no for this satellite.

      The only options I see under service searching are, Tuner configuration, default service list, automatic scan, manual scan, remote channel stream converter. There are no options to move the dish/position the dish in automatic scan or manual scan.

      it is a 2nd hand box and when I plugged it in it was set up to a fixed satellite 28e. If I connect the feed from my sky dish the receiver does work. I know this must be something stupid that I’m doing. But I don’t know what else to try. I’ve looked through all the menus and can’t see anything to move the dish

      can anyone help? It looks like it’s running VTI master 7.0.1 2014-11-03. I appreciate that seems pretty old but surely should still have the option to set the receiver/ motor up?

      thank you to anyone who can help