Cyrillic fonts VTi 15

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    • Cyrillic fonts VTi 15

      Hi everyone.
      I have a problem
      I installed VTi 15 in my box.
      When I choose Ukrainian language and dont see any cyrylic symbols in the menu.
      I find another skin with cyrylic support but don't like them

      Second problem with plugin E2m3u by Dorik 1972.
      When plugin downloading EPG the box goes to reboot UI.

      Plese help me
    • Regarding fonts: without any information from your side what skin you are using, here some hints for self-help:

      Every skin (you'll find your skin at /usr/share/enigma2/...) has a skin.xml, that defines the fonts to be used. More modern skins usually offer a method to overwrite the fonts to be used (skin_user_header.xml), so that you don't have to edit the skin.xml

      Find and download a web font that has cyrillic support (e.g. the Google Noto family) and put the .otf file somewhere in the skin folder and change the skin.xml/skin_user_header.xml accordingly. Restart GUI and test.
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