Tuner configuration for inverto unicable ll 32 (IDLU-32UL40-UNBOO-OPP) lnb

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    • Tuner configuration for inverto unicable ll 32 (IDLU-32UL40-UNBOO-OPP) lnb

      ***-Hello sir.
      I am writing from Turkey, the satellite I used is Türksat 42.0E satellite only.
      ***I bought an inverto unicable ll 32 (IDLU-32UL40-UNBOO-OPP) lnb (programmed dynamic mode for Turkey), I have vuduo2 and vu+ultimo4k devices.
      My Vu+duo2 device has a DVB S2 tuner. My other device, Vu+ultimo 4k, has a DVB S2x (FBC) tuner and the other has a DVB s2 tuner.

      I installed an open atv - open pli image from scratch to run Unicable lnb.
      I couldn't get it to work.

      I ask you, can I get a working backup or if you can support me to run it, I would be very grateful.
    • This Forum is home of VTi. For OpenATV or OpenPli ask please in another forum.

      BTW: theme here is configuration for 4 widebands LNBs. Your post is offtopic.
    • Hello, you are here at VTi.
      This thread is also about 4 wideband LNBs.
      Perhaps our Wiki can also help you with your operating system:

      Tuner-Einrichtung – Vu+ WIKI

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